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Fear of God's Eternal Collection

Source: Fear of God / Fear of God

Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo might have another hit on his hands.

The Essentials collection has become a mainstay in the culture’s cozy wardrobe, but now Lorenzo is taking things to the next level. His newest collection is dubbed Eternal and takes a more fitted, uniform approach to the Fear of God ethos. The wardrobe basics have met the world of tailoring with overcoats, denim shirts, trousers, and jackets.

Lorenzo recently spoke with Esquire on why the Eternal collection is needed in the fashion industry right now.

“There is never an importance around timing for us as a brand. The importance is always around getting the product right. With the world shut down for the past two years, I think like most people we had a difficult time designing and developing during this period. For us, in designing something timeless we felt like this could come out ten years from now, it could have come out a year ago, or it could come have come out ten years ago,” says Lorenzo. “Timing for us is when the story is ready and when the collection is ready. It is getting released now because we feel as if it is ready to be seen and the story is ready to be heard.”

Fear of God's Eternal Collection

Source: Fear of God / Fear of God

In typical Lorenzo fashion, the collection comes in muted colors of black, beige, and olive, with accessories like hats and duffle bags to match.

With a name like Eternal, Lorenzo wants to do more than connect with what’s hot in fashion right now; instead, he went with his definition of timeless.

“That story and emotion is felt through the fabrication, construction, and design elements, so we designed within the guardrails of, “Is this a piece that you want to hold on to for a long time or eternally?” he explained to Esquire.

Get a better look at the collection in the gallery below.

Fear of God’s Eternal Collection [Detailed Photos]
Fear of God's Eternal Collection
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