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Steph Curry Helps Young Athletes Level Up In Snapchat Original Series

Source: Snap Originals / Level Up with Steph Curry

Steph Curry is a creature of habit, and that has helped him become a four-time NBA champion, two-time NBA MVP, and most recently, NBA Finals MVP. In his new Snap Originals show, the Splash Brother looks to imprint his championship-winning habits on a group of aspiring athletes.

Steph Curry Is The Perfect Mentor

In the Snapchat series produced by Unanimous Media and Portal A, Curry puts down the basketball and becomes a mentor to six young athletes and takes on the task of empowering them and putting them on the road to sport’s greatness. The lessons he will teach them will apply not only on the court, pitch, golf course, rink, or field but also off the court.

The 6-part series will air weekly (through 7/30), exclusively only on Snapchat, and is the latest in the social media platform’s slate of Snap Original shows.

The athletes couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Steph Curry. His routines have become something to marvel at as his drills before a game has become legendary, with fans usually showing up early just to see Curry do his pre-game thing.

Whether it’s plain shooting and dribbling drills, conditioning exercises, or some ridiculous trick shots he never misses, Steph Curry has become the poster child for consistency and hard work that shows up on and off the court.

Steph Curry is currently on a high after a stellar NBA Finals performance leading the Warriors to their fourth NBA title in the last eight seasons. Curry shut up all of his haters who argued the league’s greatest shooter always seemed to fizzle out the NBA Finals and could never be named the Finals MVP.

Meet The Young Athletes

Maria Gorbushin (16) is a standout high school basketball player from Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, CA. In addition to leading her high school and club teams, Maria is a participant in the Underrated Tour, Stephen Curry’s organization that shines a spotlight on high school athletes who may be overlooked by the traditional recruiting process.

 Gregory Odom (21) is a senior at Howard University. And the leader of Howard’s golf program, which Stephen Curry helped bring back through his donation in 2021. Born and raised in Memphis, Odom has emerged as one of the most promising young golfers in the country. In May, he made his PGA Tour debut at the Wells Fargo Championship.

 Josh Jones (18) is a college football athlete who will be attending Contra Costa College in the fall. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Jones was a standout at Castlemont High School and was promised a D1 offer at the University of Michigan before it was pulled at the last minute. 

 Michael Francisco (21) is a student-athlete at Cal State East Bay. Born and raised in Hayward, Francisco and has lived part of his life in Mexico. He is the captain of the soccer team and has professional aspirations. 

 Kate Wang (16) is a figure skater from San Francisco, CA. After taking up skating at the age of 4, Wang has emerged as one of the most promising figure skaters in the country, competing in the 2020 Youth Olympic Games and at many national events. 

 Noah One Bamola (17) attends Redwood High School in Tiburon, CA. Noah has dual passions – tennis and theater – and is struggling with how to balance both. 

If you’re still on Snapchat, you can head here to subscribe to the series and peep the trailer below.

Photo: Snap Originals / Level Up with Steph Curry