The first thing women look at when a new guy steps to them?

No, it’s not to check if their hairline is still intact—it’s their choice of footwear. A man’s choice of shoes says a lot about him, whether they’re a pair of dirty Vans or Ferragamo dress shoes. So on this episode of Grown Man Sh*t, Dustin is here to let you know what four types of shoes every dude has to have in rotation to truly be on point.

It all starts with a classic black dress loafer. Sometimes you’ll have to step to the bad side of things and that often requires throwing on a suit. A classic Gucci loafer with that red and green stripe is just subtle enough to let them know that you are not to be played with. Especially in divorce court.

It’s also important to look your best when you’re becoming your best, which means gym sneakers have to be on might. Dustin’s personal choice is the Nike Flyknit Vapormax, which are not only comfortable but quiet as hell for when you need to sneak out of places. Plus, how are you gonna pick up the girl you’ve been eyeing at the gym? Pro tip: Don’t interrupt her during reps.

Every dude should also own a pair of wheat Timberlands because it’s just an unwritten rule. Even if you’re blessed to live in a place that’s warm year-round, you never know when you might just have to kick someone’s ass with that steel toe.

Last is the classic of all classics: all-white Air Force Ones. A fresh pair should always be in your closet. You might have to buy a new pair after a few wears, but that’s just some grown man sh*t.

Grown Man Shit Sneakers

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