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The cast of the White Man Can’t Jump remake is finally rounding out.

Deadline reports that the latest actor to get a role is rapper Vince Staples. The character he’ll be playing hasn’t been announced yet, but he will be joining fellow musicians Teyana Taylor and Jack Harlow, who will take on the role of Billy Hoyle.

White Man Can’t Jump is a classic 1992 basketball movie that initially starred Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as the two slide around town and hustle all the basketball players in the greater Los Angeles Area. Sidney Dean, played by Snipes, runs up a bet, picks unassuming white player Billy Hoyle, played by Harrelson, and gives everyone a beat down via 2-on-2 games. First, however, all that money needs to go to Hoyle, who owes the mob a bag as he tries to stay on the good side of his girlfriend, Rosie Perez.

While Jack Harlow isn’t a seasoned actor, he recently spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about what it took for him to nab a leading role in the iconic movie’s remake.

“You know, I did the work to get it… I put the time in with the script. I sat with it. I considered things. I tried to be egoless during the audition, take notes, do what I had to do. And it came…. I just want to kill it. I just want to be good, and I want to do everything I can to make it good,” Harlow told Lowe. “There was an initial excitement about announcing it and just the buzz that comes with, look, I’m in a movie. Everybody like, wow, that’s crazy. But after that, dust settles.”

Other actors in the cast include Sinqua Walls, Lance Reddick, Laura Harrier, Tamera ’Tee’ Kissen.