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It’s time to make room for the reboot of yet another classic film. 

This time around, it’s the classic 1992 basketball movie, White Man Can’t Jump, which originally starred Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as the two slide around town and hustle all the basketball players in the greater Los Angeles Area. Sidney Dean, played by Snipes, runs up a bet and picks unassuming white player Billy Hoyle played by Harrelson and proceeds to give everyone a beat down via 2-on-2 games. First, however, all that money needs to go to Hoyle, who owes the mob a bag as he tries to stay on the good side of his girlfriend, Rosie Perez.

Some 30 years later, casting for the reboot is underway, and the newest celebrities named in the cast are Teyana Taylor, Lance Reddick, and Laura Harrier. While we already know that rapper Jack Harlow will star as Hoyle and Sinqua Walls as Dean, it hasn’t been revealed who Taylor will play, but hopefully, she fulfills the role once played by fellow New Yorker Rosie Perez.

The film celebrated its 30th anniversary back in March, with the three costars marking the occasion by taking the stage together at the Academy Awards to present the Best Cinematography category. Perez was asked about the reunion by Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

“I was pissed off at them, though!I said to them, ‘I have a train, just pick it up, fluff it, let it go, and let me walk out,'” Perez answered. “And then I see on the playback they were holding it the whole time, cracking up. They were high off their asses.”

Stay tuned as we await a release date for the remake as we hope it does the original justice.