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Drake has spent a lot of time streaming on Twitch lately, in support of the online casino Stake. So one particular streamer opted to gift The 6 God with a tricked-out gaming PC that cost nearly $8,000.

Popular Twitch streamer Cody Burnett a.k.a Xposed, said he was tapped to build a rig for the entertainer and got one “prebuilt from Best Buy because it was short notice. But he later decided to work with Paradox Customs, who have also designed PCs for the likes of The Weeknd and adult star Angela White, to build a more heavy-duty setup for the rapper.

And it appears Burnett’s upgrades paid off handsomely, too. Just a few days ago, he was sitting right next to Drake when the Honestly, Nevermind rapper won $13 million, seemingly garnering a little bit of hate.

So Paradox Customs went online to reveal the costs for Drizzy’s custom PC and showed how affordable it really is. “The prices on a lot of parts have gone down since Xposed first paid,” they said on Twitter. Their detailed breakdown of the current costs of materials reveals that you can potentially get your own version of Drake’s computer for a more modest $6,500.

The specs for Drizzy’s custom PC include:

  • RTX 3090Ti
  • Intel i9-12900KS 16-core processor
  • NZXT Kraken Z73 360MM liquid cooler
  • 64GB DDR5 RAM
  • 4TB NvME storage.

But take a quick look below at the rig they built for Angela White, as well, and let us know if you’re feeling her setup.