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One of the far right‘s most prominent rising voices for anti-gay rights might have some explaining to do.

A man by the name of Jesse Lee Patterson is a member of the aforementioned far right’s “manosphere.” Not only does he find issue with people of the same sex being in relationships but also has odd views on heteronormative couples like thinking, “Any woman that is climaxing is becoming a man. Because it’s not normal for women to do that.”

Despite his opinions, it’s now been alleged by old acquaintances that Patterson has engaged in several same-sex relations in the past.

The claims against the minister first emerged in June when Church Militant –a far-right Catholic group– found the claims which caused a subsequent investigation being launched by The Daily Beast.

“Two of [Peterson’s] former male associates came out in June with on-the-record interviews saying they engaged in sexual activities with him, while other men say he propositioned them,” the Beast reports. “These allegations about the pastor — who in public is staunchly heterosexual — have ripped like an earthquake through the manosphere, prompting some of Peterson’s allies to abandon him and prompting one manosphere conference to ban him.”

One of the two male associates, named Patrick Rooney, told The Daily Beast, “I’m very sorry to have Jesse’s situation damage the conservative movement.”

“Jesse Lee Peterson is a very smart person, he’s a sly person,” Rooney continued. “He’s not going to leave a lot of extraneous evidence out about what he does.”

Rooney then alleges that Peterson broke it off and confessed to his wife, but none of the claims made have been fully substantiated.

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