Comedian Marlon Wayans opened up about family in a recent interview, and things got deep. The jokester is always down to share a laugh and make jokes, but on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, Wayans opened up about learning to embrace his transgender son, Kai. Amid Kai’s changes, Wayans realized he had to […]

A new digital series, Say It Loud: Black, Queer, and Proud, showcases the brilliance stemming from the Black LBGTQ+ community as  stars sit down with other prominent figures to discuss their experiences. In the first episode, we chopped it up with Saucy Santana about his coming out story, and in the second episode, we see […]

If there’s one NFL player you expected to live their best life after retiring, it’s gotta be Marshawn Lynch. Lynch has gone on to star in a bevy of shows –including one that simulated life on Mars— but he’s making his way in Hollywood now. The Super Bowl champ’s latest project is the raunchy high […]

Ne-Yo‘s under fire for his recent comments about trans children. The R&B singer was sitting down for a VladTV interview with Gloria Velez, which led to a controversial topic about young people affirming their genders. He started the conversation by saying he had no issue with the LGBTQIA+ community, but he disagrees with people telling […]

Wayne Brady‘s finally living his truth. The exceptionally talented sketch comedian and actor came out as pansexual. Brady revealed his new identity in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, explaining that the orientation under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella describes people who are attracted to others regardless of their gender or sex. Brady had to do his own […]

The NBA season may be over, but Charles Barkley is still offering opinions that rub people the wrong way. This time, Chuck was at a Lake Tahoe bar over the weekend, defending Bud Light against homophobes and transphobes. The beer had received an onslaught of hate since transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney starred in an Instagram […]

Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live hosting isn’t going off without a hitch. Staffers at 30 Rockefeller were reportedly upset about Chappelle getting to host SNL, says PageSix, and may retaliate by boycotting the show. However, according to TMZ, Chappelle’s camp says the news is entirely false. TMZ says there’s been no talk of a boycott, and […]

Hosting Saturday Night Live around major political elections is always a huge task and this year it’s going to a controversial comedian. Come next week after the midterm elections, Dave Chappelle will be taking over the hosting on Nov. 12. This isn’t the first time Chappelle has been at the helm around major political moments– […]

Dwyane Wade Slams Ex-Wife's Attempt To Block Zaya's Gender & Name Change

The three-time NBA Champ first opened up about his daughter's journey back in February 2020.

He confided is his family long ago, but now he's ready for the public to know.