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Golden State Warriors v Cleveland Cavaliers

Source: Jason Miller / Getty

The pinnacle of the NBA season has arrived, and it’s time for teams to back up their records or prove them wrong.

The NBA playoffs start Saturday, April 14 and this postseason should be the most exciting we’ve had in recent memory. The past few years have become pretty comfortable rides for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Both teams rolled past their competition to meet each other in the finals for three years in a row and have created one of the best rivalries in NBA history: LeBron James versus Stephen Curry. But things could go awry this year because the Cavs aren’t the same team they were last year, and an injured Curry may not be playing his best this postseason.

The first round of the West will see the Rockets vs. Wolves, Warriors vs. Spurs, Blazers vs. Pelicans and the Thunder taking on the Jazz.  While the Warriors may still be the favorites, don’t ever sleep on the Houston Rockets and MVP hopeful James Harden. The East will be just as packed with Raptors vs. Wizards, Celtics vs. Bucks, 76ers vs. Heat and Cavs vs. Pacers. Months ago, the East would have likely been the Cavs against the Celtics, but GM LeBron blew the Cavs up and now has a bunch of young, energetic players looking for their first playoff berth. As for the Celtics, Gordon Hayward is of course out until next season thanks to a gruesome leg injury and Kyrie Irving getting shut down for the remainder of the season. Though Danny Ainge’s squad will definitely make noise during next year’s campaign, they’ve got a much tougher road to travel this year. The East could be wide open, or the Toronto Raptors may finally produce in the postseason for once as long as DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry show up.

One thing we do know is that the 2018 NBA playoffs will be binge-worthy, so find out when your squad tips off below.