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The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of people to take their health seriously, including your favorite celebrities.

Now, crooner T-Pain is getting in on the Peloton craze and might make an amazing instructor for the stationary bike.

He recently posted himself getting a cycle in and hyping up his fellow riders while donning an all-neon outfit that included an orange headband, yellow tank top, purple shorts with pink compression pants underneath, and completed the look with a couple of iced-out chains.

“Alright, Peloton, let’s go,” he said at the beginning of the clip posted to Instagram. “Let’s do this. James, what the f-ck? Pick it up, buddy. Pick it up. You’re letting Carol beat ya. Look at that output. Terrible! Terrible!”

“Cathy, you’re doing great, by the way,” he continued. “It looks like I haven’t been looking at you, but I’ve been watching you all night. It’s been great. Thighs, it’s gonna all go to it. You gonna feel it afterward.”

T-Pain didn’t last the entire ride but trusted others in the class to finish their ride because he had other plans, saying, “I’m gonna go get a drink. Some tequila or something.”

The 37-year-old took on his role as an instructor while making an appearance at Peloton’s All for One Music Festival at its New York Studios.

The festival was established in 2018 as a way of “uniting the power of music, movement, and community,” and this year’s three-day event included over 160 classes, 54 instructors, and a 33-act lineup across genres like Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Country, Dance, and Latin.

When he took off his instructor hat, he later attended a class and commented on his flawless fit, saying, “Always the best dressed in the building thanx to @sethchernoff !! @onepeloton thank you for having me. Yelling at ppl and not doing much of anything really works up a sweat!! Hope everybody had a good ride/run this morning! Keep up the hard work. I’m gonna go get some pizza. Oh and P.S. ‘That’s Just Tips’ is a perfect workout song. Link in the bio!!”

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