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The backlash for Kanye West’s boneheaded moves continues to affect his bottom line.

The latest company to protest him is Apple Music, which has pulled two of its popular curated playlists centered around the rapper called “Kanye West Essentials” and “Kanye West Video Essentials.”

Kanye’s entire discography remains on the platform for users to stream as they please. Still, it makes Apple Music the first service to take some sort of action against Ye’s recent antisemitic comments. Apple Music made the decision quietly, and it’s only noticeable when searching the app, and the playlists don’t appear.

Some are asking streaming platforms to eradicate all of West’s music, and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently told Reuters that the artist’s recent comments are “just awful,” but they won’t be taking that action, and it would ultimately be up to his label to make that move.

However, that would be tough to do because Ye is technically no longer signed to his longtime label, Def Jam, as of 2021, but they house all 10 of his albums.

“But the situation of the West’s label is complicated on his own, considering the fact that he is technically no longer signed to one. After spending most of his career with Def Jam Recordings, West completed his contract with the release of Donda last year. Regardless, the ties between the two haven’t been completely severed, given that Def Jam remains responsible for maintaining his catalog, which features 10 studio albums and a number of collaborative releases,” writes Rolling Stone.

Apple is only the latest brand to strike back against Ye’s antisemitic remarks, with Balenciaga cutting ties with him, adidas ending their partnership, Jaylen Brown and Aaron Donald leaving Donda Sports, and Skechers kicking him out of the building.