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Reebok has played an enormous part in the resurgence of athleisure, and now it’s got one of Hollywood’s rising stars on its roster.

Nathalie Emmanuel is officially part of the Reebok family. The partnership is built upon a foundational purpose to promote, enable and energize female individuality and independence, spotlighting the multi-faceted personalities and strengths of women around the world.

Reebok has slowly been building up a strong team of women who are evolving their respective industries like Gal Gadot completely owning her role as Wonder Woman, Gigi Hadid dominating the runaway, and Ariana Grande on the cusp of dropping her new album. All of these dope women, plus several more will come together to launch a new campaign later this year.

Emmanuel is excited to hook up with the brand, too— because, like her, Reebok has a passion for stories.

“I am driven by the idea that all women are not defined by a single trait. We are individuals with strengths, talents, and beliefs that define us and shape who we are as humans. This new partnership with Reebok is founded upon shared passion and synergy with individuality. Together, we are passionate about an agenda that spotlights the individual abilities of women and propels their stories forward,” said Emmanuel.

For her first campaign, The Game Of Thrones star is rocking the brand’s signature women’s collection which includes a fresh bomber, Reebok Nature X Seamless Bra, Reebok Nature X High Waisted Legging and Reebok Freestyle Hi Muted kicks.

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