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If you’re a dude who keeps meeting women into material things, you may want to reconsider pulling up in the BMW 5 series or buying multiple rounds of shots for the entire table. A recent study published in the journal of Evolutionary Psychological Science found that women think flashy guys are good for one thing, and it’s not a great conversation.

Researchers set out to learn more about how a man’s display of wealth impacted how he was perceived by women. Study participants were instructed to assign qualities to two different types of guys, based on brief background descriptions, fact patterns and the type of vehicle he was purchasing. They were then asked questions about their perception of the men. The participants consistently categorized the male who purchased the flashy car as a better fit for sex and a short-term relationship. The other guy, who made a more frugal choice, was viewed as responsible, and better suited to be a life partner, provider, and co-parent.

“Participants demonstrated an intuitive understanding that men investing in the display of goods featuring exaggerated sensory properties have… greater interest in short-term sexual relationships, as well as lower paternal investment and interest in long-term committed romantic relationships than men investing in practical considerations,” explains Daniel Kruger, a researcher from the University of Michigan.

Researchers contend that the study debunks the notion that women, particularly those who are looking for life mates, are more attracted to men who conspicuously display wealth, versus males who make practical, resourceful choices.

Good guys can, and do, win.