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Congrats, you finally graduated.

Those four years (or more, eek!) are over, and it’s off to the real world. You’re learning how to navigate and make it on your own but still learning how to enjoy yourself. The way you might have enjoyed your four-day college weekends was (over) indulging in some alcoholic beverages. But now you’re trying to be a responsible human being, so day drinking isn’t as acceptable as it was while roaming that beautiful campus of yours.

So, now that you’re an “adult” here’s how to drink like one:

No More Shitty Alcohol

You don’t have to live like that anymore. You’re an adult or at least trying to be one. Gone are the days where you should buy the cheap stuff because who turns down two handles of gross vodka for 30 dollars? Adding the sweetest fruit punch you can find will mask the terrible scent, but you can do better. If you’re a fan of dark liquor, then Jameson isn’t too pricey, or if you’re a vodka person say hello to Tito’s.

Actually, Drink What You Like

Jungle juice is fun AF in college because it gets you there quick. But it tastes gross, and peer pressure will have you chugging it Thursday through Saturday. But once you walk across that stage, it’s time to start drinking like someone who just overpaid for a degree. One of the biggest pros of networking is the open bar situation. The potential baes and job leads are cool, but the alcohol is a major benefit. This is also the chance to try different drinks without being judged. Feel like having a white wine spritzer? Do it. Wanna drink Moscato because Drake name dropped it? Do it.

Invest In The Right Glassware

We love solo cups just as much as the next millennial, but having proper glassware is dope. If you bring a girl over to your crib and she asks for a vodka lemonade, handing it to her in your alma mater’s mug isn’t cool. All you need are a few old fashion glasses, shot glasses for when the boys are in town and wine glasses to make your parents think you’re finally getting your life together.

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Know Your Audience

If you’re around your coworkers and you’ve only been at your new job for a few weeks, don’t be so quick to get drunk around them. Having a beer or two will allow you to loosen up a bit without telling your budding office wife that she can do way better than her current boyfriend. If you’re going out to dinner with your boss, who you know is a wine lover, show some interest and ask what they’d recommend. Remember: white wine is for seafood and red wine is for meat. Besides, please tell me you weren’t really going to take shots at dinner.

Learn To Pace Yourself

Drinking to purely get drunk isn’t cool anymore. I mean it is, but only if you had a tough week at work. And chances are you’ll have plenty of those as a newfound member of the workforce, but learn control. After you actually find something you like, your goal is to enjoy the said beverage, not to just get drunk. So instead of walking around with a handle of Stoli, just sip on that whiskey and ginger. Try to limit yourself to one drink every 30-45 minutes or even remember to drink a glass of water in between drinks.

Eat… a lot

Remember that guy Shawn from freshman year who passed out after doing too many keg stands because all he ate all day was a shitty caesar salad from the campus dinner because he was trying cut weight for his upcoming wrestling match? Yeah, don’t be Shawn. Carb load before, during and after drinking.


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