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Robinson Cano’s fall from grace has been swift after being suspended 80 games for testing positive for diuretic Furosemid.

When the news broke last week, Cano had the league’s support, as he was out nursing a broken hand. But what was once a hall of fame worthy career will now be harder to salvage. And if anyone knows what its like to try to win back the fans’ love after letting them down, it’s Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod was suspended the entire 2014 season after multiple appeals on a case where he was found in possession of testosterone and human growth hormone.

The 42-year-old has some advice for his old friend, and he knows it won’t be an easy route back to the top.

“I do know that it will be a long road back, a tough road back, but I’m confident that Robinson Cano is going to come back and continue his spectacular career and I hope at the same time he can learn a great lesson and make his life even better,” Rodriguez said during his ESPN broadcast on Sunday Night Baseball.

Rodriguez played with Cano for nine seasons and they were even part of the 2009 World Series-winning New York Yankees. But before his suspension in 2014, Cano signed to the Mariners during free agency on a $240 million, 10-year deal.

Rodriguez knows what he’s talking about. After serving his suspension, he rocked the pinstripes for two more seasons before hanging up his cleats for good. But he didn’t go far—he still serves as a commentator for FOX and ESPN.