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Rule number one: Netflix and chill is, and always will be, some Grown Man Sh*t.

Created a few years ago, likely around the same time as dating apps began to take over the world, Netflix and chill evolved as a nearly free way to get someone to come to the crib and watch about 15 minutes of The Office before the laptop gets closed.

But as the years have ticked by, Netflix and chill has evolved into Amazon Firestick and chill, League Pass and chill, and, if you’re rich, HBO Go and chill. With that evolution has come the need to do more than order takeout. The tiny bit of extra effort will make the chill part of the experience even sweeter. And if you ask Dustin, the perfect meal to cook is pasta.

It starts with boiling a pot of water and please don’t forget to add your olive oil and salt to ensure that your angel hair pasta is moving around and not sticking together or to the pot. Then toss in the pasta and slowly stir while it softens.

Then there’s the most essential part of the dish (and life): the sauce. We pray that you never get lost in it—and so does Gucci Mane. Put some olive oil, red onions, fresh garlic and basil, red pepper flakes for some kick, and some sea salt in a nonstick pan. As that beautiful mix cooks down, pour in your store-bought tomato sauce. Extra points if it’s locally sourced—you shouldn’t only be supporting your local drug dealer, you need to support your local farms and stores as well. You know, give back to your community. After the sauce is fragrant and heated through, add some heavy cream. Then plate your pasta and drop some sauce in the middle. Boom, it’s done.

It’s her turn to choose a show, so enjoy rewatching Insecure, bro. But as soon as the man bashing begins, it’s time to make your move. May your Netflix and chill be fruitful, and hopefully, you don’t multiply.

Grown Man Shit Netflix And Chill

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