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Between Instagram celebs pushing weight loss tea and Pusha T spilling the tea on Daytona, this summer is looking like a win when it comes to excitement. But living your best life is about more than viral memes, having impressive abs and getting invites to the right day parties. Those precious months of the year can also serve as the time you really get your life together.

Think about it. It seems like the new year just happened a week ago, but it’s June. That means half the year has already disappeared into the abyss. Few people crush all of their resolutions at the top of the year, and by spring, well, let’s just say a lot of folks forget about them all together. Summer Fridays and lighter office schedules make this season the best time to press reset and handle your business.

Here are five ways to really get your life in these scorching hot months to come.

1 De-Clutter And Upgrade

Give away clothes that don’t fit. Toss old magazines collecting dust. Paint and rearrange furniture to create a new vibe. Get that light in your car checked out. Hit all of those to-do list items that always seem like they can wait for when you have more time, well because now you do.

2 Visit Your Doctor

You can’t live your best life if you haven’t visited your physician in a while. Schedule all the check-ups that you’ve been delaying and get your dental, vision, and overall health in order. Stop using excuses like “such and such runs in my family” and get a grip on your health. You’re old enough to see a doctor without your mom having to take you.

3 Order Your Credit Report

This can be cumbersome, but it’s a necessary part of adulting. You should pay attention to three key factors: your score, the accuracy of the accounts listed and your debt to income ratio. Checking your score annually is a great way to improve or maintain your financial focus.

4 Evaluate Your Professional Journey

If you’ve been fed up with where you are in your career, now is the ideal time to re-strategize and make some changes. Perhaps that means furthering your education or getting a certification. If you don’t know where to start, take a leap of action (get inspo from that Martin episode when he quits WZUP to shoot his shot on the Varnell Hill Show for inspiration).

5 Rebrand Your Business

Think about how you want to improve your customer experience and even your image as an entrepreneur. Do you need a sleeker website? Is your logo outdated? Have your mission and vision for the business changed? What about new headshots? Perhaps you want to be booked more, or to start writing books. Whatever the case, use these next couple of months to lay low and relaunch without abandoning your audience.