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Apple CEO Tim Cook Kicks Off Worldwide Developers Conference

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Apple’s annual WWDC, or Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off Monday which means the Apple devices you already own could be getting a fresh coat of paint when it comes to iOS. The update isn’t going to hit your products for a few months but we rounded up a few features that you’ll be wishing you can download right now.

A Cleaner Home Screen

Notifications on iOS just got way easier. Before, if you had more than one notification from the same app, there’d be several blocks on your screen, but not they’ll be stacked to minimize your home screen clutter. Welcome to the future…or Android three years ago.

Facetiming With More Than One Person

Facetiming is about to truly be lit. Thanks to iOS 12, all your complaints about not being able to FaceTime more than one person at once will soon be remedied. You’ll soon be able to video chat with up to 32 participants at once. Apple previewed the new feature on stage with an interface that shows tiles of peoples faces and a roster on the bottom that allows you to emphasize certain people and enlarge their faces.

Walkie-talkie For Apple Watch

Nextel is back, sorta.  With the latest Apple Watch version having an LTE option, Apple decided to add a bit of fun to the wrist accessory with a walkie-talkie feature. Like a walkie-talkie, your wrist will buzz and beep before the person hears your message. Yup, it’s time to be a kid again. And even better — it works with Wi-Fi too.

MacOS Mojave

Enter Mojave — the latest MacOS even borrows some of your favorite iOS features, such as screenshots that pop up at the bottom of your screen, a dark mode that dims all the chrome on your screen, stacks, which bunch together specific file types and Apple News finally makes its Mac debut. The coolest might be Dynamic Desktop, which are desktop pictures that subtly change throughout the day, dimming as you go through it. Plus the new gallery view in finder? It’s way cleaner.

Memojis: Animoji’s But Better

Using animojis to rap your favorite Migos (or Taylor Swift) song was already fire, but now you can do it with a cartoonized version of yourself. Memoji allows users to make themselves into an emoji that looks just like you with customizable face shape, skin, color, hair and of course, accessories. There will also be some new animojis in the new update which includes a ghost, a koala, a tiger, and a T-Rex.