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Paul Pierce Denies 2008 NBA Finals Bathroom Rumor

Source: MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images / Getty / Paul Pierce

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce is once again revisiting Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals to debunk what many consider one of the greatest rumors in the history of the NBA.

Paul Pierce is once again trying to get the story straight about what many have dubbed his equivalent to Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game,” the “wheelchair game,” where fans saw him put in the device and wheeled to the Celtics’ locker room after suffering what seemed to be a significant injury.

Let Paul Pierce tell it. He was hurt at that moment. Sitting down with fellow Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett and current Celtics superstars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum on Showtime Basketball’s KG Certified, Pierce says he suffered an MCL sprain, and team doctors told him not to put any weight on the knee.

“I sprained my MCL,” Pierce said. “It was my MCL. Don’t believe all them rumors like I had to go to the bathroom.”

Garnett continued to egg on the situation by asking Pierce, “what rumors?”

“Everyone talking about I had to take a s–t,” Pierce said. “Get the f–k out of here. I turned my MCL, dawg. You act like you can’t play on an MCL. You ain’t never did that?”

Pierce put the blame on social media for giving the rumor legs pointing to the fact he was holding his knee and was clearly hurt at the time.

“Everybody knows this, but you know, now that we got social media, everyone can make their own narrative,” Pierce continues. “I sprained my MCL. What you think I’m holding my knee for? Come on, dog.”

Paul Pierce Said In 2019, He Had To Use The Bathroom

Are you sure that’s the truth, Paul? The retired hooper has not done much to stop the spread of the bathroom rumor. He was also spreading the idea that he faked the injury to use the bathroom.

During a 2019 taping of NBA Countdown, Pierce said he was put in a wheelchair so he could relieve himself.

“I have a confession to make,” Pierce said. “I just had to go to the bathroom.”

He would late claim he was joking. We’ll just have to take Pierce’s words at face value.

Photo: MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images / Getty