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The battle between Nike and StockX is getting even more damning. 

It started with Nike accusing the reselling platform of selling fake sneakers despite having an authentication program.

StockX CEO Scott Cutler said the allegations were unfounded, but now it appears Nike may have found evidence of fake kicks.

Nice Kicks received the information from Twitter account @Sockjig –known for accurate information about the sneaker world– that confirmed a reseller received 38 pairs of counterfeit sneakers from StockX.

@Sockjig was in contact with the duped buyer, writing that they “spoke to the collector/reseller involved in the Nike x StockX case. He bought many University Blue, Mocha and Hyper Royal Jordan 1’s on StockX when the market price had dropped with the intent of holding and flipping later. 38 of them were fake.”

The scandal occurred back in November 2022, and ever since, StockX has removed the word “authenticated” from its site. Nike made sure the pairs were fake by visiting the reseller and inspecting the sneakers to confirm. The reseller has since gotten a full refund from StockX.

Upon the claims going public, StockX wrote a statement refuting Nike’s allegations and expressed full confidence in its ability to differentiate fake sneakers from real ones on its platform.

“We take customer protection extremely seriously, and we’ve invested millions to fight the proliferation of counterfeit products that virtually every global marketplace faces today. Nike’s latest filing is not only baseless but also is curious given that their own brand protection team has communicated confidence in our authentication program, and that hundreds of Nike employees – including current senior executives – use StockX to buy and sell products,” StockX wrote in May.

“This latest tactic amounts to nothing more than a panicked and desperate attempt to resuscitate its losing legal case against our innovative Vault NFT program that revolutionizes the way that consumers can buy, store, and sell collectibles safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Nike’s challenge has no merit and clearly demonstrates their lack of understanding of the modern marketplace.”

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