We Tried It: Portable Sauna



Sherrod and Cory are in their bag today. No, literally.

The world sucks, and disappointment is an important part of life… but there are perks. We could rap to you about self-care in the form of fresh fades at the barbershop, but how about something a bit more exotic? No, we’re not talking vacation— we’re talking about a portable sauna.

Gym memberships are pricey, so the Serene Life Portable Sauna could be the new wave. Cory decided to zip himself up in the bag first and crank the temperature up to 140 degrees to get his blood flowing. Sherrod is all talk when Cory is swamping it up in the sauna and awkwardly whispers sweet positive nothings in his ear. As expected, Cory gets uncomfortable, and it’s suddenly time for Sherrod to sweat out all the toxins (or cotton stuffing) from his skin. No one was here for it, but for the sake of body positivity he took off all his clothes to get the full experience.

At first, Sherrod decided to emerge his entire 12-inch body inside the sauna before realizing that it’s not safe. Cory was, of course, looking out for his mans, so he turned the temperature up to 140 which may have forced Sherrod to sweat out his perm. We can neither confirm nor deny that his hair was permed or just flat ironed. The episode ends before Sherrod reveals if he likes the sauna or not, but we’re pretty sure he’s still in there passed out.

He’ll be aight, though. (We think?)

We Tried It Sauna

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video