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Fathers don’t typically get the luxe treatment the way mothers do on their special day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Presents such as ties and socks have run their course, so upgrade what you’re gifting. Getting that Fast and Furious fix—speeding, drifting, exercising control, or whatever you want to do—is easy with these driving experiences guided by bonafide elite racers. We’re just a couple days out from Father’s Day, but get pops that joyride.

Porsche Driving Experience

Since 1999, Porsche has been delivering 911, Cayman, Carrera, and now Panamera thrills, among others. In 2015, it opened Porsche Experience Centers in both Atlanta and L.A., which also offer world-class dining. And its signature Porsche Sport Driving School still zooms in Birmingham at the amazing Barber Motorsports Park, one of racing’s most visited tracks. Pricing begins as low as $350 for 90 minutes.

BMW & MINI Performance Driving Schools

BMW M is the star of this experience, which can be enjoyed year-round at the Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, and Thermal, California, locations. BMW also takes the thrill on the road, making several stops in various spots, including Atlanta, San Francisco, L.A., and Pittsburgh. Motorcycles and off-roading with the BMW X series are also options. Pricing is as low as $299.

Exotics Racing

Feed that “need for speed” with Lamborghini and Ferrari, among others, here. While it can feel a bit less intimate than the dedicated manufacturer experiences found elsewhere, the wide range of vehicles offered offsets that. Helmets are mandatory. The experience is measured in laps, versus time spent on the track, with rounds often starting in intervals of five. Pricing goes as low as $249.

Land Rover Experience

Unfortunately, regular roads don’t free these popular vehicles to do all they are designed to do. That’s not a problem at the Land Rover Experience, available in several locations, including Asheville, North Carolina, at the famed Biltmore Estate. Drive a Velar through the mud. Tackle a hill with the Range Rover. Push them all to the limit. Enjoy small range ice age treatment in North Carolina, or go full on winter in Vermont. Whole day experiences start at $1,500.

AMG Driving School

There is no dedicated facility for this experience chock full of AMGs, Mercedes’ highest performing vehicle, but there are ample opportunities to get behind the wheel. The three main tracks in California, Texas, and Connecticut offer a rolling calendar of events. Unlike other experiences, the AMG Driving School, which offers five main levels, can be your gateway to becoming a professional driver. Instruction can reach as high as $5,000.