Unrecognizable female customer paying for a juice with a credit card at a juice bar and asian salesman doing the checkout

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Millennials have a thing or two to learn when it comes to tipping.

A recent study from CreditCards.com revealed that two-thirds of the participants intentionally give less than the standard gratuity, which is 20 percent for services provided by waiters, masseuses, and taxi drivers. There were a lot of reasons provided. Some reported being too broke to afford a decent tip. Others believed that it wasn’t the customer’s job to compensate for employers’ predatory payment tactics. And there were those who contend that the quality of service provided and tip amount have an ironclad complementary relationship.

Still, experts believe there is another factor at play: twentysomethings have limited IRL interactions with service providers.

Yes, people dine out and get coffee. Most services, from food orders and reservations to grooming appointments and travel are made without human contact. Modern cab services, such as Uber, are requested sans a phone call, and you get stranger after stranger—and let’s not forget Uber just added a tipping option.

Young adults interact with service providers in a vastly different way than the twentysomethings of even the ’80s and ’90s. Millennials’ tipping standards will inevitably become the new normal, as they pass down habits to their children. But there are some benefits to being a good tipper (including improved service, freebies, and upgrades), particularly if it’s a place where you’re a repeat customer.

Even if you don’t go old school, thanks to Emily Post, here the smart places to drop the extra dollars.

Coffee Shop

Hit the same place every morning or every weekend? Make sure you at leave a dollar if you’re ordering for the crew, and the change from your purchase if you’re ordering solo. The baristas will appreciate the love and will likely reward you with extra shots or milk upgrades.

Local Bar

The standard tip is a dollar per drink. If your bartender is taking care of you for the night, hit them off with $5 for the first drink. If you’re opening a tab, 15-20 percent of the tally shows a lot of love and will get you free shots in the future.

Cleaning Services

Anyone who cleans your funky sheets, undergarments, or bathroom deserves the red carpet treatment. Not only does this individual literally know your dirty little secrets, but they are helping you create a serene environment and present yourself well to the world. House cleaners should get at least 15 percent. Launderers should get a couple dollars, depending on the size of the load. If your cleaner has a tip jar, a dollar each time is cool.

Regular Barber/Hairdresser/Manicurist

The folks responsible for helping you achieve your best look deserve the royal treatment. If you don’t want to give them 20 percent, you need to find someone new.

Favorite Restaurant

Much like your favorite bar or coffee shop, you’re investing in the quality of your comeback. Tip at least 15 percent to the waitstaff, and 20 percent to your favorites. Also be sure to give lots of compliments on the things that go right, from quick service to extra tasty meals.