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That first internship in your field of choice is always important. But what if you could nab a chance to work with Kanye West?

That’s right; the embattled rapper and designer is looking for some helping hands for his YEEZY or “YZY” brand.

The job posting was released on the YZY Instagram, that despite boasting more than 500,000 followers, only has two posts. Aside from a clip of the Donda Academy Children’s Choir singing, the job application is a photo of a handwritten note asking for a graphic design intern.

“Join our creative community where we are building a future in clothing, food, and shelter,” reads the scribbled note.

The caption instructs those interested to click the link in the account’s Instagram stories. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t lead you to some fancy job board or a random blank email; it opens up a sketchy Los Angeles Craigslist listing.

“Yeezy is seeking interns to join our movement. This is an exciting opportunity at one of the most innovative operations worldwide,” the application opens up. “Successful candidates will assist with various aspects of the creative and manufacturing process in a collaborative work space.”

The listing admits that the lucky prospect would be working in an intense and fast-paced environment on several aspects of improving the Yeezy brand. Still, people specializing in “Graphic Design, Photography, Photo Editing, Patternmaking, Social Media, Warehouse Logistics, Apparel Manufacturing, and Product Development” are the most sought-after.

Kanye has lost his billionaire status but got a sizeable cut of the final adidas Yeezy sale worth reportedly $1.3 billion, so you’d expect a decent salary, right? Wrong.

Compensation is just $16.04 an hour, barely over California’s $15.50 minimum wage.

But if you’re interested in linking up with Ye, you can send over the necessary documents –including social media handles and photos of your personal style– here.

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