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Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan really are a couple.

The two have recently started making public appearances together and have announced they’ll be starting their own podcast, Separation Anxiety.

To promote their new media venture, they appeared on Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, talked about their relationship dynamics, and shot down some rumors surrounding them.

According to Marcus, one of the biggest myths is that Larsa is after the Jordan Brand legacy, headed by Marcus’ father, Michael Jordan, who’s ranked atop Forbes’ highest-paid athletes with a $3 billion net worth.

“I feel like the money thing is annoying,” Larsa says of the people thinking she’s after the billions he could inherit.

“Yeah, I feel like people try to say Larsa’s a gold digger and she’s after the Jordan money or something,” Marcus, Jordan’s youngest son, added.

He affirms that she’s got her own lucrative career, and it’s hard for him not to clap back at folks saying the relationship is a money grab.

“She’s such an independent, career-driven woman,” he said. “She’s got it going on … It’s the one comment or commentary that I’ve got to refrain from commenting back on.”

Marcus also has his own money, thanks to Trophy Room, a high-end sneaker store that initially had a brick-and-mortar location in Disney World’s retail section but later moved to Orlando. It’s also got an online store with solid sneaker accounts and some exclusive drops that come with being the son of a basketball and sneaker GOAT.

Pippen, a Real Housewives vet, says one of the biggest issues people have with their relationship is the 16-year age gap. Now, they’re ready to delve deeper into their love for each other on the podcast.

“Us doing this podcast, it really was therapeutic for us. Like, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this,’ or, ‘People want to know about our age gap. Should we talk about that?’ Because we really don’t view age like that,” the 48-year-old reality star said. “I’ve dated guys that are way older than me and I’ve dated guys that are younger than Marcus. So for me, it wasn’t like I was so concerned about a 16-year age difference.”