Coming through dripping in a fresh pair of sneakers and your favorite white tee is lit… until it’s not.

Sometimes you need to get on your grown man ish and trade that look in for a button up and tie. You know, for a graduation, wedding, probation hearing… all those good things. Perhaps the time has come when a drunken night for your homie has turned into a baby shower months later, and now that dudes go to those now, it’s time for you to get a professional ‘fit off. And for times like this, Dustin is teaching you how to tie a tie.

Now we could attempt to give you a brief run-through on how to tie a tie, but that’s like trying to explain to someone how to tie their shoes—you just gotta watch and learn.


Oh, and make sure your tie isn’t long enough to cover your crotch like that guy in the White House.

Grown Man Shit, Tie a Tie

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video