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Black Fatherhood and Its Benefits on ‘Listen To Black Men’ Ep. 7

Listen To Black Men Ep. 7

Source: Interactive One / iOne Digital

Dave East and Papoose sit down with the crew on the latest episode of Listen To Black Men to discuss their experiences as Black fathers and the benefits therein.

The latest episode of the digital series Listen To Black Men sees the return of veteran rappers Dave East and Papoose sitting down with hosts Mouse Jones, Tyler Chronicles, and Jeremie Rivers, this time to go further in-depth about Black fatherhood and the positive effects of having that family unit healthy and thriving while drawing from their own experiences.

Mouse Jones opens up the conversation by asking Papoose about his experience raising children at different ages while being such a prominent figure: “How are you interacting with fatherhood at this level of life?” “Raising a baby-slash-infant is a totally different experience than raising a teenager-slash-young adult,” the “Alphabetical Slaughter” rapper began. “It’s two totally different things. You gotta stay in it to win it, you’ve gotta be consistent.”

For Tyler Chronicles, he referenced an earlier episode where Papoose spoke about being inspired by seeing pictures of his mother and father on the walls of their home growing up. “It got me to thinking, like, “I aint see that”. When I grew up it was just me and my mom. I started thinking, maybe that’s part of the reason I never thought about marriage. I just thought about, “let me make this money and whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen.” He also spoke about how that closeness with his mom helped him understand women, but “it didn’t help me understand the family unit.”

Jeremie reflected on his parents’ 47 years of marriage and asked the fathers present in the room, “Do you think it’s important to have a healthy romantic relationship with your wife or significant other in front of your kids?” Dave East answered, “I think more than anything, it’s the peace. Just trying to show a certain level of peace to the kids. That relationship in front of the kids

should always be healthy.” Mouse agreed with that, saying: “It’s extremely important for my kids, especially my daughter, to see healthy conflict resolution. If they don’t see nothing else from me, they see that I’m able to resolve conflict with the women in my life in a healthy manner.”

Check out the latest riveting episode of Listen To Black Men above.