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Group Therapy For The Win On ‘Listen To Black Men’ Episode 6

Listen To Black Men Ep. 6

Source: iOne / Interactive One

The latest episode of the Listen To Black Men digital series features the crew sitting down with a therapist to dive deeper into how therapy can help Black men attain better wellness.

Things get deeper on this latest episode of the popular digital series as Mouse Jones, Tyler Chronicles, and Jeremie Rivers sit down with “The Black Therapist”, Arron Muller for an intimate group session where they examine how Black men can express themselves and heal. Mouse opens up the discussion straight away by asking, “What are some of the ways we can enter vulnerability?”

Arron swiftly responded, “Well having a safe space like this, having the conversations like this are super important, ensuring that everyone feels heard and understood.” Jeremie noted that, expressing “Sometimes what you need from your partners is to just literally be quiet and be your ear so that person can vent or say that they’re not feeling okay or being okay and then as your homie they can say, “aight I hear you.”

Another great segment of the conversation was related to how certain forms of therapy might work for some better than others. “Is therapy like a one-size-fits-all healing tool? Does traditional therapy work for everyone?”, Mouse asked. “As a therapist, I want to say, no,” Arron began. “So I talk to people about wellness, wellness is very important. That may be comprised of therapy, it may be working out, it may be being mindful of your boundaries, setting boundaries.” Tyler concurred, saying “Yes, you gotta set those boundaries, man.” Jeremie expounded further on the topic, speaking about how the Black community focused more on wellness and mental health due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “You gotta shout out Charlamagne (Tha God),” Tyler said. “He’s one of the first people I’ve seen in the industry who was like, “Yo…I have mental health issues, you probably do too. Go ahead and get checked out, it’s cool.”

Check out more from this stirring conversation in the latest episode of Listen To Black Men above.