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Sexting is like erotica. Where porn is crass and to the point, erotica is about anticipating what your partner likes and how your partner would like it. Sometimes it’s nasty AF. Other times, it’s slow and sexy. The cool thing is that hitting those keys right is way easier than most folks think. Do it like this.


1 Remember that you’re in control. Your role is that of a playful partner who is horny and ready to get into something freaky. Your words, photos and voice messages are all the tools you can use to paint a fantasy for your partner.  Your goal is simple: You want to do whatever it takes to ensure that person is aroused.


2 Sexting is all about the build up. Start slow. Begin the conversation with an opening that indicates you’re ready to play without revealing too much. Sending a selfie of the part of your body your partner finds sexy with a simple message can grab attention, and make your intentions clear. Once you put it out there, wait for a response before you proceed.


3 Emojis are your foreplay. Use them to help warm bae up and let her know what’s about to go down. The eggplant and banana are often used to represent the penis. A peach represents the booty. A pussycat references to the vagina. The emoji with the tongue sticking out indicates desire, and the raindrops indicate wetness or ejaculation.


4 Play games with your sexts. Roleplay. Give directives, then ask your partner to send you photos showing that they have been obedient to your requests, and give them more instructions. You can direct your partner in how to touch themselves, how to speak or respond to you and even control when they orgasm. Let her do the same.


5 Your partner comes first. You’re already aroused, and the goal is to get your partner there. Think about what will help that person get on the same page as you at that moment. If she’s at work, let her know what’s going down when you get home. If she’s with her girls, tell her how you’re going to give it to her when you see her next. Got inside jokes or moments? Use those. Strategy is key.