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Interracial Dating Dissected on ‘Listen To Black Men’ Ep. 8 ft. Jim Jones

Listen To Black Men Ep. 8

Source: iOne Digital / Interactive One

The latest episode of Listen To Black Men tackles interracial dating, with Harlem’s own Jim Jones joining the crew in the discussion.

The latest episode of the hit digital series Listen To Black Men starts out with a bang as the crew of Mouse Jones, Jeremie Rivers, and Tyler Chronicles jump right into a topic that consistently gets debated in the community – interracial dating.

As Jessie Woo joins in, Mouse Jones kicks things off with a shout to Dr. Umar Johnson by asking her if she’s for interracial dating, to which Jessie says that she did try dating a white man this year with some turbulence. “I think that he would get offended by certain things that I would say, and I feel like with a Black man, I can say certain things and he won’t get offended.”

The discussion soon turned to questions of a double standard with Black women encouraging their friends to date men that aren’t Black and how they view Black men encouraging their friends to date women that aren’t Black. “I think that when Black men see us date outside the race, they’ll do it and say negative things about us, but Black women, we do it and you go “Oh you don’t want to date Black men no more,” but it’s that they’re not available,” Jessie continued.

Jim Jones countered by saying, “Love don’t come with no complexion if we’re gonna get down to it. Your pro-Blackness got nothing to do with what love is.” Jessie then asked, “Well being pro-Black, for instance – how do you go about building Black wealth if you marry someone that isn’t Black?” The Dipset rapper responded, “I make money with white people but it’s still Black wealth when I come home and they talk about my legacy.”

After the talk pivoted further to identity, Mouse asked Jeremie about his experiences as a married man on the subject. “My father told me, go where you are appreciated. Go where you are loved,” he responded. “I knew my preference was a sister, but I was not turning my head or back away from any other race.” Jessie brought the house down by asking the men if when certain songs come on and they’re around white women or members of other races, how they control the situation. “The N-word is not allowed at all,” Jim Jones said quickly.


Tune in to the latest episode of Listen To Black Men above.