Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

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Dr. Umar Johnson has gone viral yet again.

This time around, he didn’t even start the controversy– in fact, it all began when Mike Tyson had rapper Freddie Gibbs on his Hot Boxin’ podcast. The two were speaking about how attractive white women were in the 1980s as Gibbs mentions his love for Michelle Pfeiffer and Tyson reminisces on the big hairstyles woman used to rock back then.

Gibbs then quickly catches himself mid-conversation and jokes about Dr. Umar, who’s known for his extremely pro-black views. Unfortunately, Tyson has no clue who Umar is, and after Gibbs explains his stance on interracial relationships, he isn’t thrilled.

“If he has hate, then it can’t be cool. None of it’s cool if hate is involved,” Iron Mike says. “I don’t care if it’s dictation, rhymes; they can’t be cool.” Gibbs suggests Mike have him on the podcast, but the boxer reveals he’d have to do some more research on Umar before he’d consider that.

Umar caught wind of his name being dropped on the podcast and swiftly responded to Tyson, offering to appear on the podcast.

“As far as the Mike Tyson Hot Boxin’ podcast, I would love to have this conversation with you, brother, any day you want,” Umar said. “Any day Mike Tyson wants to have a conversation with Dr. Umar on his podcast about interracial dating, Black politics, Black economics, and any other topic you wanna discuss, brother Mike Tyson, I’m ready to have that conversation.”

He then called out Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather to train him so that he could step into the ring with Tyson– who he knows would ultimately win.

“I can survive five rounds, but I cannot beat Mike Tyson. I would never disrespect his legacy like that, but I think I can survive five rounds, and I can get a couple of shots in,” he said while shadowboxing.

Twitter caught wind and had the jokes ready about Umar and Tyson meeting or possibly fighting. Check out some of the best reactions below:



















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