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Colorado Buffaloes Head Football Coach Deion Coach Prime Sanders Press Conference

Source: MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images / Getty

Deion Sanders is taking another medical roadblock in stride. The NFL Hall of Famer and Colorado Buffaloes head football coach, one of the few dual major-league sports stars in history, explained the circumstances of his latest surgery which is happening on Friday.

On his Instagram, Sanders clarified his medical situation after a video posted to his YouTube channel suggested that his troublesome left foot may have to be amputated. That foot is the one he had surgery on in 2022 to remove two toes. It needs further repair to correct hammer toes that have developed in the remaining ones.

Sanders says that the foot became a problem after he played football for a number of years with “turf toe,” a sprain or tear of the big toe. Sanders said he played with the injury for years, which likely contributed to the problems he’s facing now.

Sanders is having further surgery to alleviate blood clots on both legs, but said there’s no immediate talk of amputation. In a previous video where he met with doctors, they told him that is the worst-case scenario.

“I’m having a procedure so they can fix the clots, so I can have proper blood flow through the legs so  they can fix the toes,” Sanders said. “That’s what’s going on. That is it, you heard it from me. That’s what’s going on.”

Sanders said that he’s been receiving “all kinds of emails” not just from family and friends but from well-wishers and strangers. One that amused him was from a fan who said they have the remedy to help Sanders’ amputated toes grow back, which he shared before breaking out in laughter.

“So now I can move forward and have this stuff fixed,” he added. “Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your love, thank you for your support. And you’ve got to understand, I ain’t going nowhere. I’m just trying to get all of this straight because when I walk this sideline and I walk my walk, to talk my talk, that I can walk my walk.”

Sanders is expected to be on the field on Sept. 2, when he coaches the Buffaloes against Texas Christian University in his first game as a Power Five coach.