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Nas & Hennessy Limited Edition Bottle for Hip-Hop 50th

As Hip-Hop turns 50 this August, Nas and Hennessy, the world’s leading cognac brand, are putting together something special to commemorate the occasion. Later this month, Hip-Hop legend Nas and Hennessy will unveil a limited-edition new bottle, properly remixed to the name “HenNASsy” to the masses.

Hennessy and Nas are no strangers. The Queensbridge veteran is a longtime ambassador to the brand, joining other Hip-Hop luminaries and others vital to the culture. For the aptly-named HenNASsy drop, Hennessy will release the bottle with plenty of homages to Hip-Hop Culture along with a note and signature from the legendary lyricist.

Nas & Hennessy Limited Edition Bottle for Hip-Hop 50th

“It means a lot to me to celebrate this legendary moment in Hip Hop history with Hennessy, a brand that has supported me for over 10 years,” Nas in a statment. “Hennessy is part of our culture and continues to inspire generations of Hip Hop fans, so I’m really proud to share our new Limited-Edition bottle with the world.”

As noted by Jasmin Allen, President, Hennessy USA, the connection between Hennessy and Hip-Hop culture is undeniable.

“Hennessy has been an undeniable mainstay in Hip Hop, intricately woven into the fabric of the genre and its global influence for decades,” Allen added. “We’re proud to honor Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary with a pioneer of the art and culture – Hip Hop icon, Nas – as we celebrate the debut of our collaborative Limited-Edition Bottle.”

The bottle will officially be unveiled on July 20 at an exclusive digital mapping event meant to highlight Hip-Hop’s impact on the world. As part of Hennessy’s ongoing Rep Yours campaign, the unveiling celebration will launch AI.bum Covers, an AI-assisted fan experience that will turn selfies into personalized album covers that cover the scope and history of Hip-Hop.

Further, on Hip-Hop’s anniversary of August 11, the brand will launch over a dozen activations in various U.S. markets with ambassadors to help honor the day while keeping in tune with the respective regions and cities the activations will take place as it relates to the culture.

To learn more about the impending release of HenNASsy and all things Hennessy, click here.

“Later this week, we’ll be featuring a couple of cocktails from the brand in our upcoming 4th of July roundup for our Spirit.Ed column.” – D.L. Chandler

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