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Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia Flyers

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Drake continues to live the dream life of your most dedicated sports fan.

The rapper is known for his love of college hoops, most notably the Kentucky Wildcats, and his relationship with head coach John Calipari.

Apparently, Drizzy is so cool with Coach Calipari that he let him borrow his $100 million Toronto mansion for the day, as the Wildcats team can be seen lounging around the pool as Drake and Migos’ “Having Our Way” played in the background.

The coach even posted a short clip of the backyard while donning an OVO owl polo shirt, with a caption thanking Drake for letting him borrow the estate and enjoy it with the D1 squad.

“Alright, we’re at Drake’s relaxing. Really wish you were with us. What is that? Is that a hotel?” Coach Cal says as he pans to show off the massive home. “Oh my gosh, and here comes goofballs. You would think these are a bunch of 18-year-olds. I ain’t going in.”

But if you’re a basketball player at Drake’s mansion, you don’t just want a tour of his autographed jerseys and a dip in the pool– you want to visit his personalized basketball court.

Dubbed “The Sanctuary,” the court features the OVO logos, a giant owl painted at the center court, and a balcony that serves as a viewing area for onlookers.

The Kentucky Wildcats team took full advantage and ran practice on the court with freshmen Justin Edwards providing mic’d-up commentary.

After getting up high, he exclaimed about dunking on Drake’s court and asked his teammates their favorite Drake song.

One contemplates the sheer amount of Drake’s hits before landing on Certified Lover Boy’s intro “Champagne Poetry,” while Coach Orlando Antigua inexplicably brings up Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.”

Enjoy the clip because you won’t see the Wildcats compete until the NCAA season begins in November.

Drake has put his in-home court to good use and even hosts his own league, the Sanctuary Basketball League (SBL), where he battles it out with his friends. The league’s had two seasons so far, with Drizzy’s team winning both times. After a championship-winning game in June 2022, he spoke about channeling 2010-era Kobe Bryant.

“I did what Kobe did in Game 7 against the Celtics,” Drake said. “Shots not falling, you play f-cking defense.”

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