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Cleveland Guardians v Pittsburgh Pirates

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Other than his chilled-out music, Wiz Khalifa’s known for his love of weed and weaving it into several aspects of his life.

The most recent came when Khalifa was asked to ceremoniously throw out the first pitch at the Pittsburgh Pirates game against the Cleveland Guardians game Monday.

In typical Wiz fashion, he wanted to make the moment even more special by being inebriated. But instead of just weed, Wiz upped the ante by taking psychedelics before taking the mound at PNC Park in Pennsylvania.

“Finna get stoned af and throw this first pitch at the pirates game,” he wrote. “Shroomed out throwin a baseball is crazy.”

Despite the drugs, Wiz did a pretty good job getting the ball over home plate, despite it going a bit left.

Wiz’s strength should never be questioned, especially after the rapper began working out five days a week and gained 40 pounds as he became interested in MMA.

“It’s really about the discipline for me. Of course, I’m interested in building my body and getting stronger,” he told GQ in February. “But learning new techniques and having people I look up to who are really good at what they and throughout time, learning and developing different skills and assets that are good for the sport and good for other areas in life as well.”

In the article, he mentioned that being high helped his fitness journey, and it wouldn’t be the first time success was seen on the Pirates mound from someone under the influence. Pitcher Dock Ellis infamously pitched a no-hitter in 1970 in a 2-0 win against the San Diego Padres while high on LSD.

Ellis thought he had the day off, so he was clearly living his best life and spoke about how the acid helped his pitching performance.

“It was easier to pitch with the LSD,” Ellis told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “That’s the way I was dealing with the fear of failure.”

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