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The average dude assumes that if he’s feeling pleasure his partner is too—and that’s where he’s losing. Being a slayer isn’t just about doing freaking stuff; it’s also about technique. Mastering the way you switch up your rhythm, depth of stroke and positioning will ensure you receive the ultimate compliment every time you put it down. This level of skillfulness requires some effort. First and foremost, you have to train yourself to pay attention to how the partner is responding at all times. Second, you must stay ahead of your climax. Once you’ve gotten that down try these four strokes…and get ready for your five-star reviews.

1 The Head Master Stroke

The opening of the vagina has a high concentration of nerve endings that are often overlooked. Drive her crazy by giving her just the tip. You do this by delivering shallow, quick strokes that only allow the tip of your penis to penetrate the entry.. Try this move in the beginning of a session. These strokes will help to generate vaginal lubrication and warm your girl up.

2 The Curl Up Stroke

You know G spot penetration is often desired by women, particularly because it can lead to intensely pleasurable orgasms. You can access this erogenous zone by curling your stroke upwards while penetrating, only go about two-inches into the vagina. Missionary style is the best position for this type of stimulation. Most men aren’t used to moving their hips this way and end up hurling forward with their entire bodies—that’s a no-no. Get in front of the mirror and practice whining (isolated hips rolls) in the mirror. It’s the only way to perfect stroking.

3 The Deep Stroke

Deep penetration accesses the cervix and the A spot with strokes that can bring about powerful, quivering orgasms. Take it slow when going deep, and penetrate until you can feel the slickness of the cervix. Once you’re as far as you can go, use your hips to press slowly and gently into her center. You’re remaining as close to the cervix as possible. Lifting her pelvis up towards yours helps make this penetration more comfortable and pleasurable. With this move, your penis doesn’t just slide in and out; you can also do a stirring motion. Alternate based on what you’re partner’s body is responding to.

4 The Swirl Mid-Stroke

Access the middle of her vagina, and every ripple of its walls, by rotating your hips in a circle to swirl your penis. This is a stroke pattern that may feel different because the middle of the vagina is often bypassed for deep penetration. Try slid inside until you feel you reached the middle of her vagina, about 3-4 inches in. Then rotate your hips in a circle to swirl your lingam around her walls. Having a hard erection is ideal for this stroke.