Another week, another drink or food that we force upon Cory. 

This time it’s the Minipresso, an espresso maker that help you brew up your early morning pick-me-up with the quickness. The team stopped by Cafe Grumpy to grab some coffee grounds to use in the Minispresso and help out Sherrod. Little man appears to have had a very rough night filled with drinking of dark and light liquor. (Sherrod is a little new to this whole drinking thing and didn’t know that was a cardinal sin of alcohol consumption.)

But after a lot of sweat equity, the duo manage to brew a few ounces and Cory isn’t feeling it. Luckily, after barely drinking a teaspoon’s worth Sherrod is LIT. He’s been reinvigorated and is ready to host the show on his own thanks to extremely high energy levels.  We even brought on our coffee expert Skyler to give it a taste and he’s not too mad at it either and thinks it’s might actually be worth its $50.00 price tag.

P.S., Sherrod’s reaction when the caffeine hits his bloodstream is priceless.

We tried it ,minispresso

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video