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Dealing with a desk job can be aggravating—and in most cases the BS seems ridiculous particularly since you’re not even saving the world. But what about the folks who actually are? While most of us are griping about dealing with maniacal bosses, ridiculous deadlines or a tense work climate, activists are out there on the front lines, picketing, marching and organizing. People who are pushing for change in the world aren’t just dealing with stressors around how they feed their families, they’re also thinking about how to effectively create justice and parity around issues ranging from gun control and rights to immigration policy reform.

For our August Global X Citizen issue, CASSIUS caught up with a few powerful millennial Black and Brown activists—including participants/founders of the Black Youth Project, Equality for Her and CUNY Dreamers—and asked the tough question: How? We wanted to know what these folks, arguably dealing with the most consistently tense, sorrowful and demanding circumstances, do to stay sane, productive and happy.

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The answers were pretty dope. Check out their insight on the healthy coping mechanisms (meaning good ways to handle stress) they’ve used to make sure that fighting for power hasn’t resulted in the loss of sanity. (Spoiler alert: It ain’t all yoga and meditation.) Their tips may just help you too. Be sure to check out our inaugural CASSIUS Change-Maker Awards for more stories of millennials making a difference.