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Rappers’s affinity for hanging out with the President didn’t stop with Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton recently got shown some love by the Bronx’s own New York Legend, rapper Fat Joe.

Joe was in attendance at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting, which aims to connect leaders worldwide to come together and handle pressing issues.

The meeting ran from Sept. 18 through Sept. 20, and Joe presented the former leader of the free world with a clean pair of  Terror Squad x Nike Air Force 1 Low.

Joe brags about how limited the sneakers are in a video posted to his Instagram before handing over the coveted box.

“Special delivery. Hottest sneaker in the game. Sold out in five minutes. But if I didn’t bring it to Bill, it wouldn’t be official,” the rapper tells the former President.

Someone off camera jokingly asks if the free kicks make him an honorary member of the Squad, and Joe wholesomely obliges.

The Bronx native explains that he appreciates what Clinton’s done for his community during his time in office and his political markings since and sees the sneakers as a small token of his appreciation.

“I love you so much, man. So many years you fought for the people, and we love you,” Fat Joe said. “I’m a huge fan of yours. Thank you so much for all you do for us.”

The Terror Squad x Nike Air Force 1 Low, dubbed the “Black Out” colorway, has been sought after by sneakerheads for nearly 20 years when Fat Joe and his crew received a small friends and family batch.

Named after the infamous NYC blackout of 2003, the kicks feature a simple white and black colorway that proves the Panda Dunks weren’t the first to master the simple two-tone drip.

They are made of premium leather, feature a stitched ‘TS’ atop the quarter, and the initials to Joe’s name, Jose Cartagena, on the heel.

The sneakers were released for the general public to purchase on Sept. 16 for $150 but quickly sold out.

The sneakers were released for the general public to purchase on Sept. 16 for $150 but quickly sold out.