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Not only are NFL fans rejoicing because the season kicks off very soon, but Madden NFL 19 has also finally dropped.

So, instead of Cory trying a cuisine that our production team has to search far and wide for, we copped the new Madden for Cory and Sherrod to face off. Sherrod can’t play because he doesn’t have thumbs, but he refused to admit it. His excuse is that he’s protesting the league; he’s been pretty upset with the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick and his protest during the national anthem so he won’t be picking up the sticks.

Still, we think it’s because he doesn’t have thumbs.

We decided to hit up gamer and CasBar host Michael Wade to take on Cory in a heated bout. Both stay true to their hometown roots, with Wade choosing the Giants and Cory opting for the Super Bowl-winning Eagles. The Philly squad manages to earn a 90 rating and while the Giants are a storied franchise with two rings in the past 10 years, they only manage a 74.

The game is only set to two-minute quarters, which isn’t the best option but it did help to get both parties more hyped and made each play that much more crucial. We’re not gonna tell you who took an L, but as the only two teams that have beaten Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, both teams held their own.

We Tried It Madden

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