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Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition

Source: BLK / BLK

It’s officially spooky season, and it affects those on the dating scene especially. BLK, a dating and lifestyle app attuned to the Black community, has launched a new content series called Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition.

The series consists of three animated shorts that chronicle the dating terrors of Black singles. The tales were from BLK’s community who shared their real-life dating horror struggles through an in-app questionnaire. BLK then picked the three scariest stories and gave them the animated treatment

Can you imagine getting picked up on a first date in a stolen car or mistaking linking up with the wrong member of your “team” (no shade, it’s a dating app after all). These are some of the scenarios in the clips called “Stolen Hearts & Wheels,” “A Date with Disaster,” and “A Mistaken Match.”

“BLK is about sharing real stories. Both, the good and the bad. That’s what makes us and our users authentic,” said Jonathan Kirkland, head of brand and marketing for BLK, in a statement. “When it comes to dating, we’ve all been tricked. Now let’s find some treats… (on BLK)! lol.”

You can watch all the Halloween Horror Stories: Dating Edition animated shorts on BLK’s Instagram and YouTube channels.