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Top Boy

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Our latest installment of Black Watch is here with plenty of recommendations to keep you settled in for some weekend bingeing. From gangstas in London to the MCU to a rapper in tune with his emotions, we got you covered.

Top Boy – Netflix

Top Boy Season 2

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Warning, you’ll be talking with a British accent after a few episodes of Top Boy, innit. Consider this The Wire, except it’s across the pond the mandem on the road are just as ruthless. We recommend you peep the OG series, now called Top Boy: Summerhouse, too. The series is now a wrap after three seasons of the Drake co-signed resurrection, and we do wish they didn’t rush that third series. But the exploits of Dushane and Sulley are worth the investment.Alvin aqua Blanco

Loki Season 2 – Disney Plus


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The second season of Marvel’s Loki series sees Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief become a reluctant hero to save time and ultimately the universe. The series leans more into the origins of He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) and how he came to power. Although the legal issues of Majors hanging over the Marvel Cinematic Universe slate of franchises are indeed worrisome, it shouldn’t take away from his brilliant performance this season. There is a lot at stake, so binge it up this weekend as the entire series is now live on Disney Plus.—D.L. Chandler

Entergalactic – Netflix

Entergalactic Black Love Brunch and Premiere Party

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If you’re into Kid Cudi, you know he’s never been afraid of sharing his emotions— no matter how jarringly positive or depressingly dark.Now, he’s ready to explore his feels in a new medium: an animated film, Emmy-nominated Entergalactic. Flanked by the voices of Timothee Chalamet, Jessica Williams, Laura Harrier, and more, the Man on the Moon navigates wanting that old thing back and starting something fresh with his next-door neighbor after moving into his New York City apartment. Oh, and with Cudi serving as executive producer, the Dot Da Genius and Plain Pat-assisted soundtrack is fire.—Bruce Goodwin