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Source: Variety / Getty / Colman Domingo

HBO’s hit show Euphoria has been the subject of toxic set allegations from some of its young cast members not named Zendaya, leaving Colman Domingo to believe maybe some of them might not be built for show business. 

Speaking with the Independent, the Rustin star wasn’t sure about the reports about the toxic work environment on the set of Euphoria, leading to the veteran actor explaining in the Sunday edition of the paper that long work days and intense shoots are a “normal work day.”

While being careful and trying not to come off as dismissive to the complaints, Domingo said, “I’m not gonna invalidate [anyone’s] experience. But working in television is long hours.”

He continued, “Sometimes you work up to 14 hours a day. And then you have to go home and prep.”

“You have to really live and work in a very methodical way. A lot of young actors may not be up for the task, or have that same work ethic.”

“I’ve been in this business for 32 years,” he continued. “I know what hard work is. So when I heard those ‘reports,’ I thought, ‘Where is this coming from? That’s just a normal work day.’ Be a professional.”

Coleman’s comments are in response to a 2022 investigation by the Daily Beast that found “multiple complaints” made to SAG-AFTRA from people involved with Euphoria’s second season.

Actors complained about disorganized night shoots that took too long while not being provided with proper meals or bathroom breaks.

Colman Domingo Vouched For Euphoria Creator Sam Levinson

Domingo also had kind words for Euphoria’s creator, Sam Levinson, who also came under fire. Former series regular Barbie Ferriera and Levinson fell out over the direction of her character, Kat, during Season 2.

“There’s no one that’s going to mistreat you on the set of Euphoria,” Colman said. “Sam Levinson is joyful and collaborative and could not be a bigger advocate for his actors.”

Well, that still doesn’t speak on those allegations on the set of the dumpster fire that was the Idol starring The Weeknd.