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Cassie had social media ablaze when she filed an explosive lawsuit on Nov. 16 against Diddy over his alleged abusive ways. And though the matter was quickly settled out of court, Diddy isn’t exactly out of the woods yet.

According to TMZ, Diddy’s former head of security, Roger Bonds, took to Instagram to speak out about the stress he was put under while trying to cover up Diddy’s wild behavior over the years. Brother Love’s former bodyguard took to Instagram to co-sign Cassie’s original allegations of abuse and mistreatment while she was in a relationship with Diddy. Bonds added a bit more fuel to the fire by saying he “saved” others from Diddy’s now infamous temperament.

TMZ reports:

Roger backs up Cassie’s story … saying he not only stopped Diddy from harming Cassie, but he claims there were other such incidents involving other people during his security tenure.

Of course, his public support for Cassie comes after her lawsuit was recently dismissed after she and Diddy reached a settlement. So, as far as helping her, Roger is, as they say, a day late and a dollar short.

So, what’s in it for him? Roger seems to be plugging a book or documentary of some sort. His post included the hashtags #2FacesTHEDOCUMENTARY and #ROGERBONDSMYTRUTH.

Bonds also says he suffers from diabetes and says, while working for Diddy, he used the ailment to make excuses for ducking and dodging his former boss.

With all the conspiracy theories circulating about people close to Diddy who met unfortunate fates when speaking ill about him or writing books that involved stories about him, we’re low-key shook that Bonds might be next to learn that crossing the OG Bad Boy won’t work out too well for him.

Diddy and his team have yet to respond to Roger Bonds’ claims, and chances are, they probably won’t as he’s got two other women suing him in court over similar accusations.

What do y’all think of Roger Bonds calling out Diddy all these years later? Let us know in the comments section below.