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We normally wouldn’t agree with men whose beards don’t connect to let their follicles flourish, but for No Shave November? Go for it. We can neither confirm nor deny if Dustin’s beard connects, but he’s got a good cause in mind.

The shaveless month is in honor of men’s health—for men to not only go get themselves checked out, but to also donate to foundations founded on men’s health initiatives.

But now that you know all the philanthropic meaning behind it, Dustin’s here to teach you that just because you’ll be chucking the razors and clippers for a couple of weeks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking care of your beard—and it all starts with the perfect face wash. Figure out if you’ve got oily or dry skin and cop the appropriate soap for your dome. And if you didn’t have face wash before… wyd?

Next up is a beard soap to keep you smelling fresh, looking clean, not too oily, and soft. You NEVER want people running their hands through your facial hair to find it’s super rough and their fingers are getting caught up in it. After detangling it (so it never looks too unkempt) you’re gonna need some beard butter or oil. Oil is fine if you’re maintaining a little more than a 5 o’clock shadow, but if you’ve got a mini afro on your face a la James Harden, you better get something with hold.

Happy growing, fellas.

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