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Attention all Blerds: Spike Lee produced a new film you don’t want to miss.

Directed by Lee’s protegé Stefon Bristol, See You Yesterday is a sci-fi drama based on a 2017 short film of the same name. It will be streaming on Netflix sometime next year.

The film tells the story of “two Brooklyn teenage science prodigies, Claudette “C.J.” Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian J. Thomas (Danté Crichlow), who build time machines to help save C.J.’s brother Calvin from being wrongfully killed by a police officer. The film also features Astro Bradley, Marsha Stephanie Blake, and Wavvy Jones.”

According to Shadow and Act, the original short was an HBO Short Film competition finalist at the American Black Film Festival. In a review from the site, the short was described as “electrifying.”

“It encompasses issues of police brutality and the innate desire that all humans have to return to the past with the opportunity to do things differently,” Aramide A. Tinubu writes. “The teens’ frantic determination as they race against time is visceral.”

While writers such as Octavia Butler and Nnendi Okorafur have paved the way for Black sci-fi, we’re now seeing an emergence of the next generation of movies, books, and more. In tandem with books like “Children of Blood and Bone,” television adaptations of books like “Who Fears Death,” and even “Black Panther,” Black creatives are reimagining brand new possibilities for the world around us by implementing our own experiences and cultures into these sci-fi realms.

While we’re looking forward to this film to be out on Netflix early next year, you can check out the trailer of the short film for now down below.