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Already a bonafide movie star and sports team owner, Michael B. Jordan‘s got another money-making business on the way.

The actor partnered with health-driven cafe and brand DrSmood to launch MOSS, his new sea moss beverage “with an energizing kick.”

“The first-ready-to-drink sea moss beverage, moss harnesses the potency of sea moss and blends it with botanical extracts to awaken the senses,” reads the brand’s site.

The drink is available right now across America in flavors Pure, Pomegranate and Mango Ginger. The Mango Ginger option is described as being infused with mango juice and ginger to keep you hydrated for longer and give you a boost. Pomegranate boasts an impressive amount of natural sweetness, and the fruit taste is paired with botanical extracts. Lastly is the Pure, which, like its name, has a simple, clean flavor with a hint of lime to kick up the citrus taste.

Each 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles will run you $24, but you can save a couple of bucks if you get a subscription, which knocks the price down to $20.

The brand’s story boasts using the ocean’s health benefits to enhance the newfound beverage, a benefit some communities have known for many years.

“People have always sought sustenance in the ocean. Its wild waters are rich with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that silently keep our planet alive,” reads the brand’s story page. “Traditional and coastal communities around the world have known this for centuries, and generations have celebrated marine plants for their medicinal and cultural value. In today’s world where people are increasingly disconnected, moss is turning to the ocean to bring balance back to our lives.”

If the gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, low-cal, zero-sugar drink wasn’t already positive enough, it’s also good for the environment with its plastic-free bottles and packaging, and it has committed over $25,000 to several organizations that focus on ocean preservation.

Cop whichever flavors you’re feeling –or a variety pack– here.