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Controversial podcaster DJ Akademiks has been having a rough go of it on social media since earlier this week, when his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne, took to Instagram to accuse the media personality of physical abuse, and to clown him over his hygiene practices, or lack thereof.

It’s Onsite’s IG account featured a screenshot of an old photo Cheyenne posted that shows her wearing dark makeup that appears to be covering up a bruise. 

As MadameNoir reported, Cheyenne claimed Akademiks, born Livingston Allen, gave her the bruise a day before the two traveled to London. She also mocked Akademiks over a photo of his sitting shirtless in his gaming chair.

“This fat lard keeps threatening me,” she wrote in the caption. “You smell like tartar sauce [and] don’t bathe for five days. Leave me alone, please. It’s over.”

Cheyenne didn’t stop at calling her ex a smelly abuser who apparently has the kind of bathing habits that will have Black mothers across America kicking you off their good furniture until you hop your musty self in the shower. She also screenshotted a text conversation that appeared to show Akademiks pressuring her to tattoo his mug on her face like a certain female rapper did for her rapper boyfriend (or whatever the hell Chrisean Rock and Blueface are supposed to be).

From MN:

Cheyenne took a screenshot of their text messages, where Akademiks sent a link of Chrisean Rock getting a tattoo of Blueface to the side of her face.

Unbothered, she texted back, “I hate you…with my whole heart…I would never get that.”

In overlay text, she asked, “Why would [you] think I would tat your face? You look like Chuck E. Cheese.”

Cheyenne shared more texts, highlighting the toxic nature of their relationship, where Akademiks claimed to have tried to call her, and she called him a liar and insecure.

Akademiks responded in his usual fashion of immaturity and ego with a splash of misogynoir.

“Lol, caught up,” Akademiks wrote in response. “[You] too horny if that’s [what] you gotta do to make ya self feel better, lol.” He then reportedly begged Cheyenne to answer his FaceTime call, to which she responded by telling him to leave her alone.

This, of course, is only the latest spat in a series of back-and-forth messiness between Cheyenne and Akademiks. Last month, the popular Hip-Hop commentator accused his ex of stealing half a million dollars from him, and she responded with a video denying the allegation and dragging him over his inability to handle even the most meager gym workout.

“I made flashcards, and when you pick from the flash card, it’s like a random workout that you do,” she explained. “He would do like four push-ups and say he’s done he had like six.”

The lesson here is clear: Try to pick compatible partners, folks. And please bathe regularly for yourself and others.