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When Asked About His Playoff Shooting Woes, Kyrie Says "Nobody Cares"

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

The Boston Celtics are in some serious trouble, and if they are looking for an inkling of leadership from Kyrie Irving, they might want to look elsewhere. The All-Star pg isn’t lighting it up like we know he can against the Milwaukee Bucks, coming up short when his team needs him the most, but that’s not going to stop him from getting his shots.

When it comes to his shooting woes in the series, Irving said “Who cares? I’m a basketball player,” after he went a disappointing 7-22 from the field Monday night following their loss’s Tim Bontemps reports. Irving’s comments didn’t stop there adding:

“Prepare the right way … The expectations on me are going to be sky-high. … For me, the 22 shots? I should’ve shot 30.”

The Celtics are in a 3-1 hole, which most teams do not climb out, of after losing the last three games against the Bucks. Irving is shooting an abysmal 19-of-62 (30.6 percent) from the field after their game four loss at home, where the Celtics faithful watched Giannis Antekoumpo smoke their team, dropping 39 points and grabbing 16 rebounds.

If the Celtics want any chance of overcoming Milwaukee’s commanding 3-1 lead, they are going to need Irving to come out of the worst 3-game playoff slump of his career. Irving has been a headcase all year long for a team that has fallen short of expectations based off what they accomplished last season.

Some feel with his looming free agency in the horizon, he already has checked out. His behavior doesn’t help dispute that assertion. Case in point: before the final buzzer Irving left the court, and when asked about it by Jay King of The Atlantic, he replied: “The game was over.”

Who knows where Kyrie’s head is at. Maybe it’s in Cancun, or in Los Angeles thinking about linking up with LeBron James again, or in New York possibly playing alongside Kevin Durant. Wherever it is, right now it’s not in this playoff series. But if anyone knows first hand what it takes to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the playoffs, it’s Kyrie Irving, and he has the skills and squad to make that happen.