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This A$AP Rocky saga continues.

Following an altercation in Sweden where Rocky accused two men of following, and harassing him and his entourage, three members of the A$AP Mob were arrested, along with a security guard. The security guard was released, Rocky, Blado, and Thxto, were not released.

It was announced that Rocky and his crew would spend two weeks in jail for assault charges stemming from this incident.

Now it is being reported that A$AP is being held in inhumane, and a disease-ridden facility.

TMZ claims to have sources that have direct knowledge that Rocky has been forced to sleep on a yoga mat with no covers, or blankets. The reports also say that he shares a cell with a roommate who has serious mental health, its’ been told that he constantly bangs his head against the wall in a violent manner, and he throws feces against the wall, which is not cleaned up by the staff.

Sweden has also been accused of violating a treaty signed by both Sweden and the United States, that allows a citizen of either country arrested in the other country to speak with a member of the consulate.

TMZ sources say Rocky asked for the meeting, but when an official from the American Consulate arrived at the detention center to meet him, he was denied access blatant violation of the treaty.

It is believed they denied the consulates right to see Rocky because they did not want the uninhabitable conditions of the prison to be discovered.

After much persistence eventually the consulate official was allowed to see Rocky 2 days later, but only in the presence and earshot of 2 Swedish guards. Rocky and the official could not have a private conversation and they believe it was “a clear intimidation tactic” according to reports.

Court proceedings in the country of Sweden are private, and not accessible by media.